$he aint here and shes alreadyyy spoiled-

ijus got done wit buyin a tone of things for mye GOD daughter.shes sooo stubbern that she dosent wanna come outta her mommys woumb.iloveeeeeeee her she neeeeeds taahhhhh jus come out alreadyyy.icant wait tooo seeee her ^__^

anyways jumpin offff.g’nites.

ican hear-

mye babyboyeeee cryin a river wit mye baby sis.lols.

mye daddio is gonna come down stairs sooon and yell at hymmm.lmao.ohh wells he neeeds tahhhh smoke a joint.tahahahha,nahhh lesss tyme on tha internet.ughhhh,too busy.iHATE work BUT ilaaaaaa tha MULAAAAAAA’.lols.

GOTTAgo tend tooo babyboyeeee

& babydaddy (:

babygyrl shud be comin over.

sooo we can get her god-sisters stuff for thisss weekend.

& get readyy fo aug.

"yu WANT,iHAVE & he gives"

trueSTORyyyy trixxxxxx!


Omfgosh I’ve beeen a bxtch and idk WTF tooo do.mye hubbie don’t even want tooo deal wit mye bs.anyways waitin for babe tooo come home from dumm adds hues house.tired as fuccccc!beeen arguein soooo much.I’m sick of thisss fast cash shxt.if everyone thinks goin wit a dealer is tha greatest thing EVER;ihts not tha wayyyy tooo live.fuccccc at least ikno and im still livin and learnin iht!ihave a choice too stick wit iht or not but ichoose tooo;not because of tha money or tha material MAN made things on this earth.but,becuase iloveee hymm and iplan tooo be wit hymmm!idgaf whaa themm HATERs got tooo sayy.fuccccc tha bullshxt.lmao.gonna go take care of babygyrl.then takin her too her daddys house even though babe don’t lyke tha idea of that.idc cause if he was in dum-shxts shoe ikno he wouldn’t want me doin that tooo hymm.even though iHATE hymmm wit a passion mye babygyrl will always be his DAUGHTER!anyways gonna post another thing up then I’m jumpin off.peace.

A lil shout OUT tooo mye babyysissy branzdi Mikala Kahale-Bustamante;

iloveeeyu tahhh DEATh lil GIRL!todayy yu make tha BIG 1-0! HAPPY birthdayyyy!iHOPE all yur wishes come true!take care.loveee tee& d.

mye boifrien-

is jusss a MAYJOR weirdo!bur,iloveeeiht.igotta do mye permit then go call around for a drivers licensed place.cause in oct. He’s leavin for tha military by our birthdayyy we debatin if we she throw a house partyyyyy or an hotel partyyyyy.umm but babes is gonna leave one of tha cars onleee if iget mye license.soo I’m kinna determained too go out and get mye shxt done.lols he sed tha main rule is:”no guy besides yur BLOOD cousin,brother,Unko,dad&nephews; NO other guyyyyy”!tahahahahah.mye boifrien is sxch a dork(:


Ughhhhh,iju tried fckn post something and everything got deleted!WTFFTW Evers.gonna go shower then cryyy myeself tooo fckn sleeeeep.gooooooooood fckn bye tumblr!

fucking OMFGOSH

yesterdayyy was soooo nyce.lOls.went kapolei shmoke sum phattys.then go chill wit mye good frien wit his nyce ass TRUCK.loveeee iht.NOTHNG really excitein.kehh PEACE tumblr.

thissss is joedon thaaa 5year old!TAHAHAHA.he looooks fckd!LMFA0.

thissss is joedon thaaa 5year old!TAHAHAHA.he looooks fckd!LMFA0.

jus d e c i d e d-

Tooo fckn post sumtyn on tumblr!well mye siss gfs son is fckn drinkin!and mind yu hes onleeee 5years old. He told me tooo fckn post hymmm up on fckn tumblr!sooo I’m gonna take a pixxx of hymm and post iht up!kehhhh and we are headin tooo fckn waianae from ewa.and traffic hour is shxxxxty!lols.kehhh Ima go take tha pixxxx of hymmm.peaceeeee!